Identifying a film on a poster in a foreign language is usually easy enough with IMDb and Google at your fingertips, but in the case of exploitation films there are instances when both of these resources fall short. Often these films were released and re-released under so many different titles internationally that even the rights-holders aren’t aware of all of them. But what do you do when a poster has an unidentifiable title. no listed cast or director, and no recognizable faces or scenes on the poster to give you a clue as to its identity?

Such was the case with the above Belgian poster, one of the gems in my collection. I purchased it solely on the basis of it’s sexy and sadistic artwork; I hadn’t a clue what movie it was advertising. Both titles listed on the poster, the French Sexe en delire (“Delirious Sex”) and the Dutch De Razende Seksmaniak (“The Raging Sex Maniac”), turned up dead-ends on the Internet. The only other information on the poster is that the film was shot in Eastmancolor like thousands of other films of its era.

Then about a month ago, I posted a Tweet to my followers asking if anyone could identify the film on the poster and attached a link to the image. No luck… until later that evening. In the mood to watch something Italian and sleazy, I headed to my movie closet and randomly selected a film from my unwatched-DVD rack, something I thought would fit the bill – Renato Polselli’s Delirium (1972). And lo and behold, at the very end pre-credits sequence of that delirious, violent giallo appeared the following two images:

Now take another look at the mystery poster. These are the same two women in the exact same shots which were reproduced by the illustrator! Yesssss! I felt like Indiana Jones finding the Ark and cracking the DaVinci Code at the same time.

Was this some incredible case of serendipity or divine intervention? Or did I have the title Sexe en delire in the back of my mind when my hand ‘randomly’  (subconsciously) gravitated towards a DVD titled Delirium? It reminds me of that scene in Repo Man, like when someone says to you ‘plate’, or ‘shrimp’, or ‘plate of shrimp’. Let’s just say I sleep better nowadays.