Ajooba Kudrat Kaa Leb

Any self-respecting fan of weird world cinema will tell you the Ramsay Brothers are the Royal Family of Hindi horror. Said brothers (of which there are seven) produced and directed more films in this strange but entertaining sub-genre than anyone else in Bollywood, single-handedly ushering in the Hindi horror boom of the 70’s and 80’s. By the beginning of the 90’s, however, horror was flopping flaccidly at the box-office, so the Ramsays tried rekindling their frugal-budget magic in other genres, such as fantasy.

1991’s Ajooba Kudrat Ka (also known as The Magnificent Guardian) is the story of a girl and her BFF… a Yeti. Moviegoers  expecting a typical low-grade Ramsay fright-fest got a rather sweet movie with a not-so-scary beastie instead. Not surprisingly, the movie tanked. At least Ajooba got some exposure in foreign markets such as Lebanon, where this poster was issued. Perhaps they should have called it When Hairy Met Girly?