Macabre (also known as Macabro and Frozen Terror) was released as Baiser Macabre in France. ‘Baiser’ means ‘kiss’, both as a noun and a verb. It also means ‘to fuck’. And that, ladies and gents, is where this all gets kind of weird. Because the double meaning of that word […]

Blacula Meets the Demon of Sexuality! William Girdler was the king of ‘more is less’ film-making. He could make a decent-budgeted 35mm production look like a TV ‘Movie of the Week’, which doesn’t mean his films were any less entertaining for it. He made several schlocky but memorable horror films […]

Is sex with your stepmom incest? At least that’s what Crown International Pictures wanted drive-in customers to believe. This film marks the only time a CIP flick got nominated for an Oscar… for Best Song (“Strange Are The Ways Of Love”), losing out to The Poseiden Adventure. Time has shown […]

The Walking Dead meet Mexican wrestlers? What if I told you that these mummies aren’t fictional characters? The Mummies of Guanajuato were naturally mummified bodies discovered in a cemetery in Guanajuato, Mexico, believed to have been interred there after a cholera outbreak in 1833. (Horror fans will recognize them from […]

The truck stops here! Mark L. Lester directed this sexploitative actioner from 1974 about truck-stop hookers battling the Mafia to keep control over their brothel. (Yeah, movies like this could only come out of the 70’s.) The film starred the gorgeous, former Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings, who also added significant […]

I’m sick in bed today, so I thought I’d post something which reflects how I’m feeling at the moment.  Here’s a German lobby card set for Peter Jackson’s over-the-top gory zombie comedy Braindead, also known as Dead Alive in the U.S.