The ratty condition of this Mexican poster is fitting for the atrociousness of this film, one of Jesus Franco’s micro-budget rush-jobs for the barrel-scraping Eurocine. Alternately known under the far-cooler title White Cannibal Queen.

Lux Interior of The Cramps once sang “I don’t now about art, but I know what I like”, and I can definitely find many examples of this in the films I dig. I haven’t seen most Godard, Bergman or Kurosawa films, but I’ve sat through this Umberto Lenzi-helmed turdling (also […]

I’ve loved the artwork for this grimey grindhouse flick ever since I saw it on a VHS box at my local mom-and-pop video store while in my teens. And I’m glad to have it now on a rare poster, re-created by my favorite Belgian poster artist,who unfortunately never signed any […]

This Thai poster for Amando de Ossorio’s first entry in the atmospheric ‘Blind Dead’ series is as gothically creepy as the film itself. De Ossorio always complained about not having proper-sized budgets to make his films the way he wanted, though in my opinion this forced him to be more […]

Bottoms up! Of the several promotional artworks created for Federico Fellini’s La città delle donne, this Israeli one-sheet features the raunchiest variation, clearly aimed at the male segment of the movie-going audience.

This is a double-feature poster for two of the myriads of racy sexploitation films West Germany was mass-producing in the 1970’s. The top-billed Erotic Girls is an alternate title for The Sensuous Three (1972),  while the cumbersomely titled Love Games People Play in Denmark is Liebesmarkt in Dänemark from a […]

This is essentially Escape from New York meets The Warriors, made for more or less the sum of those films’ catering budgets. This Italian crapfest, served up by the usually reliable Enzo G. Castellari, imagines a post-apocalyptic New York terrorized by a ruthless gang on roller-skates (!). Vic Morrow’s next film […]

Jaws really should’ve been the last word in films about carnivorous fish. (Okay, Joe Dante’s Piranha is the exception). Antonio Margheriti directs killer piranha and Lee Majors in this late 70’s jewel-heist trainwreck. I wonder which of them gave him the better performance? Note that this film was distributed by […]

This poster was so downright creepy, I just had to have it in my collection. ‘Vergewaltigt’ is the German word for ‘raped’, which is all you probably need to know about the storyline. There’s very little information about this film out there, but this 1976 French-Swiss co-production features two names […]

Alien vampires aren’t the only things that suck in this movie; this whole movie sucks. But thenkfully, the poster is top-notch exploitative majesty, from the creepy undead aliens getting a transfusion to the scantily-clad buxom blonde with protruding nipples being pawed decaying zombie hands. Why is it that so often […]

How’s about an extra- thick slice of sleaze pie? Alternately known as SS Hell Camp and Horrifying Experiments of SS Last Days, Luigi Batzella’s barrel-scraping Nazisploitation mixes the usual kink and violence against a WWII backdrop with lower-than-usual levels of depravity in an already shady subgenre. The titular ‘beast’ is […]

Jeff Lieberman isn’t a household name when it comes to horror cinema, though he made some interesting genre  contributions, including this decent early 80’s slasher Just Before Dawn. I’m more a fan of his 70’s films Squirm and Blue Sunshine, but I was ecstatic to score this rare as hell […]

Chuck Norris movie-art FAIL! No, we’re not implying that Chuck would fail at anything, but the Egyptian artist who designed the poster for this early CN actioner exercised some liberal artistic license. I suspect the artist recreated Chuck’s visage from memory without having a photo handy, turning one of cinema’s […]

Regardless of how you rate him as a director or cinematic auteur, by sheer quantity alone, Jesus Franco is the undisputed King of Eurosleaze. His films tend to be hit-or-miss, usually depending on what kind of budget he was working with and how interested he was in the project. But […]

Texas-born S.F. Brownrigg epitomizes the genre-film auteur, having produced and directed a handful of effective regional low-budget horror films in the 70’s, often utilizing some of the same actors. His films are a perfect example of less being more, as their meager production values actually added to their dark, brooding […]