15 years ago today, THE RING, one of the most important horror films of the 90’s, premiered in Japan, giving birth to horror icon Sadako (and adding freaky long-haired Asian girls in general to the horror lexicon). Soon thereafter, the film became a worldwide phenomenon spawning numerous sequels, remakes and […]

Identifying a film on a poster in a foreign language is usually easy enough with IMDb and Google at your fingertips, but in the case of exploitation films there are instances when both of these resources fall short. Often these films were released and re-released under so many different titles […]

Polish movie posters are highly sought-after by film-art collectors around the world, due to their highly imaginative graphic design which favors artists’ interpretations over literal meaning. While that tradition is definitely still alive in Poland (though to a lesser degree nowadays), the country’s cinemas have not been immune to the […]