Cocaine Wars Egy

John Schneider will always be best remembered as Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard TV series, so much so that it’s easy to forget he had a successful country-music career as well, scoring several #1’s on the U.S. country charts. He also took a not-so-successful stab at being an action-movie hero, which is where we get Cocaine Wars.

This low-budget straight-to-video flick apparently got a theatrical release somewhere in Egypt, resulting in this odd, hand-drawn movie poster. One glaring anomaly is the complete absence of Mr. Schneider on the artwork, having been swapped with David Carradine who doesn’t even appear in the film. I can only assume the artist didn’t have a CW poster on hand to create his own hand-drawn knock-off, which is how most Egyptian posters for foreign films were created then.



U.S. video release poster for “Cocaine Wars”. The same artwork was featured on the VHS box.


Furthermore, Carradine’s likeness is obviously taken from the artwork of another American video-store staple — Cannon Films’  P.O.W.: The Escape — which was released a year after Cocaine Wars.

Cocaine combo


Cocaine Hands

I don’t know where the rest of the images adorning this poster came from, but I assume these too were redrawn from other movie posters the artist had laying around his garage for ‘inspiration’.

The disembodied hands holding the shotgun and the girl’s webbed flipper-like hand are further peculiarities. It’s as if the artist was rushed into turning in the artwork to the printer’s before he was done with it. Did he run out of room on the paper to fit in the missing character?