The Bighead US

This post is way overdue.

At the end of May (like I said, ‘way overdue’), Poster Perversion was a guest of “Dni Fantastyki”, an annual fantasy fan convention in Wroclaw, Poland, for its first-ever poster exhibition. All in all, the geek quotient was very high, horror quotient quite low, and some desperate shithead tried to unsuccessfully steal one of my posters during a late-night screening when few people were around. (Thanks to the kind folks of VHS Hell for tipping me off to this, as the festival organizer never said a word about the incident.) In spite of all that, I still had a great time.

By far, the best thing about these types of events is the opportunity to meet lots of cool people who share your interests — in this case, the horror genre. I’m particularly referring to some of the other guests of the convention, namely extreme-horror writer Edward Lee, and Michael Ling and Geoff Skinner, respectively director-screenwriter and producer of a short-film adaptation of Lee’s novel “The Bighead” which had its European premiere at the convention. The slick and gory 24-minute short is actually less of a standalone film than a long trailer for the feature-length version they’re currently raising funds for. I’ve never read Edward Lee’s  source novel, but judging by the short film, the feature-length “Bighead” (or “The Bigger Bighead”) is going to be one massively sick cinematic puppy. Let’s hope we’re able to see it next year.

bighead crew

Bonded by blood: Me (far left), “Bighead” writer-director Michael Ling (dead-center), and author Edward Lee (far right)


As this website is about movie posters, I have to say a few words about “The Bighead’s” creepy artwork pictured at the top of this post.  It was designed by concept-artist Ryan Church, whose concept designs have graced some of the biggest special-effects movies of the last decade and beyond: Star Wars Episodes II and III, Spielberg’s War of the Worlds remake, Transformers 1-3, Avatar, John Carter, and J.J.Abrams’ Star Trek reboot. “The Bighead” poster however is rather far removed from all of those films, residing more in the dark recesses of eerie urban legends or chilling monster-stories told around a campfire. This poster effectively dredges up all the stuff that gave me nightmares as a kid, including nuns. Thanks, Ryan!

I’m not one for autographed posters, preferring to preserve the integrity of the original artwork. instead,  I opted to have the DVD cover signed by it’s three creators as a souvenir from a fantastic weekend.

bighead dvd


See the trailer here.