Friday the 13th Turk

I love this poster, but I’m not sure which film it’s supposed to be promoting. The title on the poster says it’s the first (and in my opinion, best) entry in the endless Friday the 13th franchise, but the pitchfork-wielding blond is actress Amy Steel who is the ‘final girl’ in Part 2 of the series. She and John Fury are listed as stars, and Steve Miner is listed as director — all of which would point to this being indeed Friday the 13th, Part Two. On the other hand, Adrienne King, who has top billing here, was ‘final girl’ in Part One, but she appears briefly in the beginning of Part 2 as well. So which film is it? Even though the evidence leans towards the sequel, I’d still put my money on this being Part One. Turkish film distributors weren’t all that concerned with accuracy of film titles or cast listings. They also weren’t too bothered about poster images not corresponding to the films they¬† advertised. Most likely, the poster’s designer was given a still or lobby card from Part Two to work from, and this was the result. Close enough.