Jeff Lieberman isn’t a household name when it comes to horror cinema, though he made some interesting genre  contributions, including this decent early 80’s slasher Just Before Dawn. I’m more a fan of his 70’s films Squirm and Blue Sunshine, but I was ecstatic to score this rare as hell […]

Chuck Norris movie-art FAIL! No, we’re not implying that Chuck would fail at anything, but the Egyptian artist who designed the poster for this early CN actioner exercised some liberal artistic license. I suspect the artist recreated Chuck’s visage from memory without having a photo handy, turning one of cinema’s […]

Regardless of how you rate him as a director or cinematic auteur, by sheer quantity alone, Jesus Franco is the undisputed King of Eurosleaze. His films tend to be hit-or-miss, usually depending on what kind of budget he was working with and how interested he was in the project. But […]

The Walking Dead meet Mexican wrestlers? What if I told you that these mummies aren’t fictional characters? The Mummies of Guanajuato were naturally mummified bodies discovered in a cemetery in Guanajuato, Mexico, believed to have been interred there after a cholera outbreak in 1833. (Horror fans will recognize them from […]

Texas-born S.F. Brownrigg epitomizes the genre-film auteur, having produced and directed a handful of effective regional low-budget horror films in the 70’s, often utilizing some of the same actors. His films are a perfect example of less being more, as their meager production values actually added to their dark, brooding […]

Of the many Italian ‘Exorcist’ cash-ins that came out in the wake of William Friedkin’s film, this one has more names than a ten-dollar hooker. Originally titled Un urlo dalle tenebre (“A Cry from the Dark”), it was also released as Naked Exorcism, The Possessor, The Exorcist III, Cries and […]

Sonny Chiba and Vic Morrow in one movie? Yes folks, it actually happened, and someone mistakenly thought this was going to be an international blockbuster. This obvious Star Wars cash-in was the most expensive Japanese film ever produced at that time (1978), but today it’s nothing more than entertaining sci-fi […]

Ah, the beauty of the Internet.. I bought this Israeli poster purely (or impurely?) on the basis of the supple flesh on display, without an inkling as to what was the actual movie. Although the title in Hebrew reads “Race to Lust”, there was no such movie title listed anywhere. […]

Here’s a weird one-sheet for a 1962 Spanish medical horror film titled La cara del terror in its original language. Unfortunately, over the decades since the poster was printed, the paper had turned so brittle that it literally came apart along the foldlines in three separate pieces as I removed […]

Holy hyperbole!  Giuliano Carnimeo’s Case of the Bloody Iris is a decent enough giallo with its share of violence and eye-candy, but this giant French poster really tries to pass it off as more than the sum of its parts. First off, the film has nothing to do with the […]

‘Croc’ is short for ‘crocodile’, and Crocs are indeed evil, so this film’s title is totally justified. This is the first instance of amphibian-on-human coitus we’ve ever seen and ever want to see.

Kung-fu kidsploitation comedy from Taiwan. The Turkish title means “Little Rambos”, which if you think about it, is a far better title than The Incredible Kids.                      

Kinky French softcore film directed by actor Michel Lemoine who also played its lead male role. Lemoine is a Euro-exploitation veteran, having also directed and starred in the loopy Seven Women for Satan, as well as performing in several Jesus Franco films (Succubus, Sadist Erotica, and Kiss Me, Monster). Lemoine […]

More Claudia Jennings, this time in Arabic. The hand-drawn artwork on this Egyptian one-sheet for ‘Gator Bait (1974) is roughly copied from the U.S. poster, making for one hell of a unique relic of international movie marketing.  Films like this must have fared well with Egyptian audiences, as I keep […]

The truck stops here! Mark L. Lester directed this sexploitative actioner from 1974 about truck-stop hookers battling the Mafia to keep control over their brothel. (Yeah, movies like this could only come out of the 70’s.) The film starred the gorgeous, former Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings, who also added significant […]