Personally, I prefer this noirish Polish poster for Brian De Palma’s Vertigo-esque  thriller over the more literal American one-sheet. The U.S. artwork emphasized the film’s voyeurism angle, while the monochromatic Polish design (featuring Craig Wasson and Melanie Griffith) reflects its overall tone, highlighting its shady underworld milieu. The film’s Polish […]

Jesus Franco’s The Awful Dr. Orloff was so successful that it spawned several sequels, some of which were not directed by the prolific Spanish maestro himself. This is one of them — Santos Alcocer’s The Orgies of Dr. Orloff from 1967. Alternately titled Only a Coffin, the film stars Howard […]

Michael Reeves’ Witchfinder General launched a small wave of early 70’s ‘hexploitation’ films about witches and witch-hunters, such as Mark of the Devil and this Jesus Franco film (the Spanish title translates to “Trial of the Witches’). Stern-faced Christopher Lee plays the titular witch-hunter, and Franco regular Howard Vernon makes […]

Simplicity and garishness in one dirty package. This is a Swedish poster for a 1971 American adult film titled Adultery for Fun and Profit.  The artwork resembles crude etchings from a sex-obsessed high-school student’s notebook, but the choice of colors and that suggestive ‘O’ in the word ‘Hor’ get points […]

Say what you will about Hong Kong horror films, you can always expect something out of the ordinary if not occasionally unwatchable. In this film, a mad doctor tries to cure his daughter’s dwarfism by stealing pituitary glands from corpses. I bet you haven’t seen THAT idea in a movie […]

Juan Piquer Simon directed many a craptastic movie, two of my favorites being the grimy slasher pic Pieces and the nature-runs amok epic Slugs. This is a bizarre Spanish poster for the latter, illustrating what this movie does to your mind.

I’m sick in bed today, so I thought I’d post something which reflects how I’m feeling at the moment.  Here’s a German lobby card set for Peter Jackson’s over-the-top gory zombie comedy Braindead, also known as Dead Alive in the U.S.  

Two men are cryogenically frozen and awakened 50 years later in a post-nuclear world where everyone lives underground and the male gender is extinct. The totalitarian matriarchy has branded men as ‘evil’ and responsible for all the troubles that plagued the world. Under the threat of mandatory sex-changes, our two […]

I haven’t seen this Shaw Brothers action flick from 1977, but Lady Exterminator looks like she cracks a mean whip. I also haven’t seen the original Hong Kong poster for the film, but I’m assuming this Egyptian artwork is a hand-drawn replica. Fans of weird world cinema should not confuse […]

To fans of Spanish horror, the name Leon Klimovsky is most associated with actor Paul Naschy, whom he directed in eight films throughout the 1970’s. Klimovsky also directed other non-Naschy horror films, such as this gender-bending oddity (original title: Odio a mi Cuerpo) about a man whose brain is transplanted […]

Here’s a Spanish poster for Emanuelle Negra or “Black Emanuelle” starring Laura Gemser in her first-ever appearance as the titular globetrotting sexpot. The Black Emanuelle films were made to cash-in on the success of Just Jaeckin’s erotic film classic Emmanuelle starring Sylvia Kristel, dropping an ‘m’ from the heroine’s name […]