Life in the Middle East used to be so much less complicated, at least it was in the movies of that era. This is an Australian daybill for a 1975 French-Belgian sexploitation film titled Couche-moi dans le sable et fais jaillir ton pétrole, which literally means “Lay me in the […]

Lorna the Exorcist is one of Jesus Franco’s better films, and the crab scene featured on this Belgian poster is one of its highlights. As usual in a Franco film, there’s plenty of nudity (especially of the Lina Romay variety), an excellent musical score, and naturally a cameo by the […]

I doubt Egypt had drive-ins, but if it did, this double-bill would be perfect. This is a combo poster for two made-in-the Phillipines horror flicks: Al Adamson’s Brain of Blood and Cirio Santiago’s The Blood Drinkers, listed here under its alternate title Vampire People. There is an identical U.S. poster […]

Finding treasures like this is my favorite part of collecting movie posters. Deadly Prey is a crazy, crappy American 80’s action flick which probably went straight-to-VHS in the U.S. during the big home-video boom, yet seems to have been released theatrically in some foreign markets such as Egypt. This poster […]

1972 was a good year for the giallo, and this Italian-West German co-production is one of the best.  Cosa avete fatto a Solange? (literally, ‘What Have You Done to Solange?”) proves there was more to this sub-genre than Argento, Martino, and Fulci. And this rare Israeli poster hints that the  […]

“When Daddy’s Little Girl Became Everybody’s Little Girl” If that tagline alone doesn’t tip you off that this was made in the 70’s, then the enticing Lolita-esque artwork surely will! The movie on display here is a 1974 Swedish-Danish adult film titled Nøglehullet, which was released that same year in […]

Upskirt titillation on this North American poster for one of the numerous episodic German ‘report’ films from the 70’s, namely “Lehrmädchen-Report” (literally, ‘Apprentice Report’). If you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

‘Delirium’ is right! Renato Polselli’s over-the-top giallo is heavy on the nudity and kinky sex, but light on coherence. Jayne Mansfield’s ex-husband and former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay plays the sex-crazed doctor whose sado-masochistic fantasies may or may not be responsible for a series of pretty-girl murders.  It’s posters like […]

I love the stunningly macabre artwork on this poster, though I know absolutely nothing about this Thai film other than the title is “Phi Ta Bo” which means “Hollow-Eyed Ghost”. Thai movie posters often feature various miniature scenes from the film scattered around a central image, which means they have […]

Toothless 70’s Drive-in hicksploitation with an alcoholic slant. Annie’s a beer-swigging, pickup-driving, Daisy Duke-rocking good ol’ gal hellbent on saving mama’s diner using her ample Southern ‘charms’.

This post is way overdue. At the end of May (like I said, ‘way overdue’), Poster Perversion was a guest of “Dni Fantastyki”, an annual fantasy fan convention in Wroclaw, Poland, for its first-ever poster exhibition. All in all, the geek quotient was very high, horror quotient quite low, and […]