Poster Perversion presents it’s very first contest, exclusively for our Twitter followers. We’re giving away a limited-edition Polish poster by artist Michal Ksiazek, inspired by Kinji Fukasaku’s film BATTLE ROYALE (see image above).  This is NOT a theatrical poster as this film was not distributed theatrically in Poland. It’s cool […]

Occasionally I love a movie so much, I actually want to take the time to write about it and share that love. Today that movie is Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz’ Messiah of Evil (1973) – in my opinion one of the greatest and most unique forgotten horror films of […]

Polish movie posters are highly sought-after by film-art collectors around the world, due to their highly imaginative graphic design which favors artists’ interpretations over literal meaning. While that tradition is definitely still alive in Poland (though to a lesser degree nowadays), the country’s cinemas have not been immune to the […]

  Almost 20 years ago, a friend handed me a duped VHS tape with the words MAD FOXES hand-scrawled on the spine. “You’ve gotta see this,” he stated without further explanation. Based on the title, I thought I was in for some sort of eighties’ made-for-cable softcore porno. Although I […]