Pecador Pol

Wrestling, let alone masked wrestling, is not a popular sport in Poland. In fact, if you made a list of every sport in the world, then added ‘wrestling’ to the bottom of that list, you’d have a good idea of how popular it is in this country.  So it’s truly bizarre and wonderful that Poland has its first (and only) Mexican wrestling movie.

Pecador el enmascarado de negro contra el profesor loco y la invasion de otra galaxia (hereafter referred to simply as Pecador) is a feature-length loving homage to Mexican wrestling movies, filmed in 2009 for the cost of a few Happy Meals. No, wait… make that a few Big Mac Value Meals, as there were two versions of Pecador filmed simultaneously: one in Polish and one in Spanish (though allegedly only one cast member could actually speak the language). The film is the labor of love of retro-film fanatics Dawid Gryza and Paweł (Pablo) Kaczmarek, and you can tell they had a lot of fun pitting their hard-drinking masked avenger against space aliens, a mummy and a Sasquatch. Gryza was born the day Ed Wood, Jr. died, which has me thinking there might be some truth in reincarnation.

But it’s not the movie I wanted to discuss, only the film’s very cool poster which Dawid Gryza sent me, reminiscent of dimestore pulp-novel cover art. Considering Pecador’s intentional campiness, it would have been easiest to Photoshop together a few funny images from the film into a quick-and-dirty movie poster. But ‘half-assed’ just isn’t in the producers’ vocabulary; an homage with this much passion and effort put into it needs a poster of equal caliber. Nothing beats painted artwork on a movie poster, which is why I’m glad senores Kaczmarek and Gryza commissioned a local painter to bring Pecador to life. I’m very proud to have it in my collection, guys!

You can check out the perils of Pecador in either of it’s two language versions:

Spanish with English subtitles