I love happy accidents.

I was first introduced to the design work of creative duo Joanna Gorska and Jerzy Skakun by my wife, who spotted their simple yet eye-catching poster for a LAST TANGO IN PARIS re-release hanging in a Warsaw movie theater and kindly asked (okay, demanded) the theater manager ‘donate’ the poster to our home decor. Fortunately, her persuasion tactics worked.





Months later, a friend in the advertising business who knew I collected movie posters sent me a tube of posters designed by a Polish creative agency he worked with called Homework. To my surprise and uncontainable joy,  ‘Homework’ was none other than Ms. Gorska and Mr. Skakun, and by chance I was now in possession of more of their visually striking movie-art.




What I love about Gorska and Skaun’s work is its simplicity in both concept and design which manages to capture the essence of the movies it promotes more effectively than a thousand flashy, hyperbole-ridden Hollywood press releases. This Charlie Chaplin series is a great example of their less-is-more approach, where three similar movie posters express three entirely different themes (respective of the films they represent) using only a few slight variationss on a common template (Chaplin’s caricature).









Homework’s poster for a Berlin exhibit titled ‘German Cinema in the Polish Poster’



You can see more of their extraordinary work at www.homework.com.pl