Queen of Black Magic Belg

While the name Suzzanna doesn’t mean anything to the average Western horror fan, she’s a legend in her native Indonesia and their queen of indigenous horror cinema¬† Born Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch, she starred in such movies The Hungry Snake Woman, Ambulance Ghost, Sundelbolong (playing a ghost prostitute), and Queen of Black Magic, her most famous film.

The movie itself is sort of Indonesia’s answer to the Shaw Brothers’ “Black Magic” series, so if you’re a fan of those insane and gory Hong Kong horror films, then Queen won’t disappoint in the slightest. Long a hot collectors’ item on the VHS grey market, Queen of Black Magic got a loving Region 1 DVD release by the supreme Mondo Macabro label.

As for this Belgian poster, it nicely captures the pure evil hinted at in the title in creepy EC Comics fashion. The artist (who seems to have never signed any of his poster creations) also designed the Belgian promotional art for the Indonesian horror film Primitives in a similar style.

Primitives Bel