Seksmisja  Pol Vers B

Two men are cryogenically frozen and awakened 50 years later in a post-nuclear world where everyone lives underground and the male gender is extinct. The totalitarian matriarchy has branded men as ‘evil’ and responsible for all the troubles that plagued the world. Under the threat of mandatory sex-changes, our two heroes try to escape above-ground, awakening sexual desire amongst some of the females along the way.

Juliusz Machulski’s Seksmisja (“Sex Mission”) is a cult classic in its native Poland, yet practically unknown to the rest of the world. It’s a shame really, as this 80’s sci-fi sex comedy is not only funny, but also a smart satire about the absurdities of life under Communism. This was not as easy a feat as it sounds. With the censors’ ever-watchful eyes on the lookout for ‘inappropriate’ text and subtext in music, literature and cinema, one had to be particularly clever in order to sneak dissentient messages through the backdoor. How the censors missed the totalitarian allegory is beyond me (especially in light of this poster’s oppressive vibe and Social-realist design), but thankfully the film passed with only minor cuts and is highly revered by Poles to this day.