Succubus Ger

Regardless of how you rate him as a director or cinematic auteur, by sheer quantity alone, Jesus Franco is the undisputed King of Eurosleaze. His films tend to be hit-or-miss, usually depending on what kind of budget he was working with and how interested he was in the project. But there are several instances in his extensive filmography that prove Ol’ Jess could crank out a decent art film if he really wanted to, heavy on atmosphere and striking imagery. The surreal, hypnotizing Succubus (or Necronomicon, its original German title) is a perfect example of this. Story here is irrelevant (frankly, I rarely care about the story in any Franco film), and conventional horror fans will be frustrated by the film’s lack of scares and genre conventions. But Succubus is a hypnotizing visual trip if approached with patience and an open mind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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