Sunken Eyes Devil Thai

I love the stunningly macabre artwork on this poster, though I know absolutely nothing about this Thai film other than the title is “Phi Ta Bo” which means “Hollow-Eyed Ghost”. Thai movie posters often feature various miniature scenes from the film scattered around a central image, which means they have a high level of detail to them.


Sunken Eyes Devil Thai 3



This is one hellluva gory central image featuring a zombie-like fellow whose eyes have apparently been violently ripped out of their sockets, leaving nasty dangling gooey bits. The artist obviously has a vivid and demented imagination.








Sunken Eyes Devil Thai 4



Now what’s going on here? Not only are his eyes floating freely around the cemetary, but our hero seems to be able to stretch his limbs to superhuman lengths to put baddies into place. Is this the world’s first zombie superhero?













Sunken Eyes Devil Thai 2


And just when you thought the ‘Sunken Eye Devil’ was some kind of undead badass, he has this touching scene with a little girl (possibly his daughter), exhibiting an emotional depth that’s quite rare for a dude with bleeding eye sockets. How is that kid not severely traumatized by the experience?


I’m definitely going to have to keep my eyes peeled for this sick flick. If anyone knows where I can find it, please drop me a line..