Erwin C. Dietrich

If you’ve spent a bit of time delving into the contents of this site, you’ve probably noticed I’m a big fan of Erwin C. Dietrich, the Swiss king of exploitation filmmaking.  Here’s a Turkish poster for one of his entries in the nazisploitation subgenre which raged in Europe during the […]

This poster was so downright creepy, I just had to have it in my collection. ‘Vergewaltigt’ is the German word for ‘raped’, which is all you probably need to know about the storyline. There’s very little information about this film out there, but this 1976 French-Swiss co-production features two names […]

  Almost 20 years ago, a friend handed me a duped VHS tape with the words MAD FOXES hand-scrawled on the spine. “You’ve gotta see this,” he stated without further explanation. Based on the title, I thought I was in for some sort of eighties’ made-for-cable softcore porno. Although I […]