Tombs of the Blind Dead Thai

This Thai poster for Amando de Ossorio’s first entry in the atmospheric ‘Blind Dead’ series is as gothically creepy as the film itself. De Ossorio always complained about not having proper-sized budgets to make his films the way he wanted, though in my opinion this forced him to be more creative with special effects. (Anyone who’s seen this film or its sequel Return of the Evil Dead will have those eerie slow-motion shots of the decaying Templar Knights riding undead horses forever etched onto their brains). If made today with a ‘less modest’ budget, The Blind Dead films would be turbo-charged CGI-athons resembling video games. Still, I’m surprised no one’s attempted a decent remake or reboot of the franchise with the resurgence of zombies in pop culture in the last ten or so years. How about it, Guillermo del Toro?