Hard Women

This is a bit of a digression from movie posters but still in the neighborhood of exploitation movie marketing.

Recently I had the good fortune to scarf up some original vinyl 45’s containing radio spots for films from Sam Sherman’s Independent-International Pictures, one of the mavericks of exploitation cinema. As a producer, Sherman introduced the world to Al Adamson with films like Satan’s Sadists, Blood of Ghastly Horror, Five Bloody Graves and Cinderella 2000. As a distributor,  the New York-based IIP brought many a classic import to U.S. drive-ins and mom-and-pop video stores (through their Super Video label), like Sergio Martino’s All the Colors of the Dark, Umberto Lenzi’s Syndicate Sadists, the schlocky Filipino “Blood Island” films, and Carlos Aured’s House of Psychotic Women starring the late Paul Naschy. (IIP also brought the first Naschy ‘El Hombre Lobo’ film to US shores, retitling it Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror even though it’s a werewolf movie with vampires, and Frankenstein has nothing to do with the story.)


Sam Sherman was a master of the ‘bait and switch’ school of movie marketing, creating over-the-top ad campaigns with lurid artwork and screaming taglines which promised more than the films themselves could deliver. And that brings me back to the 45’s I mentioned earlier – I’ve ripped them here so you can enjoy exploitation movie advertising at its finest. Just click on the mp3 player next to each 45.

(P.S. IIP has its own YouTube channel under ‘iipAlAdamsonMania’ where you can watch many of their trailers and full-length releases for free!)



The Naughty Stewardesses (sexploiter from 1975, dir. Al Adamson)

[mp3_embed playlst=”http://www.posterperversion.com/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/radio_spots/The Naughty Stewardesses.mp3″ colors=”#F214E0″ id=”1″ nums=”1″ ]

“If you’re young with hot plans, check Jane.”





Main Street Women (no other information, though probably a retitled film)

[mp3_embed playlst=”http://www.posterperversion.com/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/radio_spots/Main Street Women.mp3″ colors=”#F214E0″ id=”2″ nums=”1″ ]


“The girls, the bars, and the tough guys who run it all”




Hard Women (West German thriller from 1970 but released in the US in 1975, dir. Alfred Vohrer)

[mp3_embed playlst=”http://www.posterperversion.com/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/radio_spots/Hard Women.mp3″ colors=”#F214E0″ id=”3″ nums=”1″ ]


“When they’re finished with you, you can take what’s left and feed it to the dogs.”





The Naughty Cheerleader (West German sexploiter from 1970, dir. Will Tremper)

[mp3_embed playlst=”http://www.posterperversion.com/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/radio_spots/The Naughty Cheerleader.mp3″ colors=”#F214E0″ id=”4″ nums=”1″ ]

“She starts playing out on a field and then finishes the game inside.”





The Lonely Woman (Spanish film from 1973, released in the US in 1977, dir. Francisco Rovera Beleta)

[mp3_embed playlst=”http://www.posterperversion.com/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/radio_spots/The Lonely Woman.mp3″ colors=”#F214E0″ id=”5″ nums=”1″ ]


“She’s had men before, but they weren’t up to the task.”





Blood in the Streets (a.k.a. Revolver, dir. Sergio Sollima)

[mp3_embed playlst=”http://www.posterperversion.com/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/radio_spots/Blood in the Streets.mp3″ colors=”#F214E0″ id=”6″ nums=”1″ ]


“Oliver Reed in a performance that makes Charles Bronson’s Death Wish look like wishful thinking.”